Why did Zidane leave Bale on the bench?

Zinedine Zidani has been the head coach of Real Madrid since 2012. He has been able to achieve success by focusing on the main stars of the team.

In the last season, Zidano was able to get a lot of victories and secure a place in the Champions League zone. He managed to do this by using the following tactics:
* High-quality lineup;
* * * Individual skills of the main players;
* High level of motivation of the players.
The team’s results were not so good in the Spanish championship, but the coach managed to get the desired result.
In order to understand the reasons of the coach’ failure, it is necessary to look at the history of the club.
Zidano started his career as a player of Real Sociedad. He was able not only to achieve good results, but also to become a champion.
After leaving the team, he became the head of the reserve team of Real. He became the coach of the Real Madrid, and managed to achieve the desired results.
However, the team was not able to win the Champions league, and Zidanos’ career was not so successful.
He was able only to get into the Champions cup, and the team did not win any trophy.
Real Madrid became the champion of Spain, but it was not the most successful club in the history.
It is worth noting that Zidanes’ team was able win the Spanish Cup, but not the Champions one.
This is the reason why Zidania left the team and joined the team of ZinedineZ.
Now, the coach has a good chance to get some victories in the future.
How does it affect the team”s results?
The following factors can affect the results of the Madrid team:
1. The level of the individual skills of each player.
2. The motivation of each of the leaders.
3. Lack of experience of the new coach.
4. Failure of the previous season.
5. Absence of the right players.
It should be noted that the team has a number of stars who can be called the main leaders of the current season. However, they are not able yet to achieve a good result. The following players of the squad are not performing well:
· Gareth Bale;
· Sergio Ramos;
· Marcelo.
6. Pepe.
7. Luka Modric.
8. Isco.
9. Casemiro.
10. Isco and Isco’.
11. Sergio Ramos.
12. Isak.
13. Ishi.
14. Modric and Isak are not the best players of Real, but they are able to help the team in the long run.
Therefore, the current results of Madrid are not so great. However the team is still able to fight for the champion title, and it is still possible to achieve this.
What are the main prospects of the next season?
In summer, the main goal of Real is to get rid of the “Cortes” trophy. The team will try to win at least one trophy of the Spanish league.
There are a lot chances that the main favorite of the Champions Cup will be Barcelona. The Catalans have a good lineup, and they are ready to fight against Real.
Moreover, the Catalans are able not to lose to the ‘Real’ in the domestic arena, and this is a guarantee that they will be able to compete with them in the international arena.
Barcelona has a lot to do, but in the next year, the club will be in a better position.
Will Zidana leave Real?
It has been known for a long time that Zinedina Zidan will leave the team after the next championship.
Many people believe that he will leave for a new team, but he has already decided to stay.
“Real” will be a good choice for him, because the team will be more comfortable and will be ready for the future competitions.
Thus, the new season will be very interesting for fans of the Catalan team. The coach of “Barcelona”, Josep Guardiola, is a good example of how a coach can achieve good result and win the champion cup.
At the same time, he can also be a leader of the best club in Spain.
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How to watch the matches of the most popular club in Europe?
Now it is much easier to follow the results and the development in the club championship of your country.
Thanks to the Internet, it has become much easier and more convenient to follow all the results. You can do this at any time of the day, and you can be sure that you will not miss anything important.