Higuain: Five goals in six games

The season of the Champions League has come to an end. In the last round, the struggle for the title was very intense. The teams that were considered as the main favorites for the victory were not able to repeat their success.
The first round of the tournament was marked by the victories of the following teams:
* Barcelona;
* Bayern;
* Juventus;
* Atletico.

The final match of the season was held between the teams of the first and second positions. The victory of the Catalans was quite unexpected. The team of Ernesto Valverde managed to get to the Champions league final for the third time in a row. The previous two finals were won by Barcelona, but this time the Catalonians managed to win.
In the final match, the team of Lionel Messi and the team from Atletico played against the team that had won the previous two Champions League finals. The first match of this season ended with a score of 4:1 in favor of the latter.
However, the final result of the game was not the only surprise of the match. The game was marked not only by the score of the final, but also by the goals of the leaders of the team. The following players scored five goals:
1. Messi;
2. Suarez;
3. Kroos;
4. Modric.
All of them were the leaders in their clubs.
This season, the Champions tournament has become much more interesting. The main favorites of the victory of each team are no longer the top-rated clubs. This is another proof that the level of the competition has increased.
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5 goals in 6 matches
The Champions League is a tournament that is held every year. This tournament is one of the most popular tournaments among fans. The competition is intense, and the outcome of each match is decisive.
One of the main surprises of the last season of Champions was the victory by the team Real Madrid. The club of Zinedine Zidane managed to become the champion for the fourth time in the club’s history. The last time the club won the title in the 1990-91 season.
Real Madrid became the champion by winning the final against Barcelona. The Catalans were the first team to win the Champions title for the fifth time. The Royal club was the first to win in the last three seasons.
Before the start of the new season, Zidani had already announced that he would not be renewing his contract. The new season will be the last for the legendary coach. The decision of the club to terminate his contract was made on the basis of the results of the current season. The players of the Royal club did not show the best results, and Zidano’s decision to leave the team was not unexpected.
At the beginning of the championship, Real Madrid was the favorite of the struggle. The Madrid team managed to reach the final of the previous season, and it was clear that it would not make it to the final again.
Despite the fact that the Royal team was the main favorite of this year’s Champions League, the club did its best. The coach managed to achieve the best result in the final.
Zidane’s team won the match against Barcelona with a goal score of 5:4. The final score of this game was the following:
5:4 in favor Real Madrid
1:1 for Barcelona
3:1 against Liverpool
3 goals for Barcelona in the match
1 goal for Real Madrid in the game
1 shot for Zidanes team in the championship
In total, the Royal Madrid team scored 5 goals in the 6 matches.
After the victory in the first match, Zinedines team showed the best game of the entire tournament. The next season, Real will try to repeat the victory. The current season of La Liga is very interesting, and you can always find out the results on the sports statistics website.
3 points in the EPL
The new season of English football is already in full swing. The Premier League is the most prestigious championship of the Old World. The season is in full flow, and already in the middle of the campaign, the teams are fighting for the champion title.
Last season, Manchester United managed to defend the title. The Red Devils won the championship for the second time in three years. The success of the Red Devils was due to the following factors:
· The performance of the players of Mourinho’s team.
· The teamwork of the squad.
It is clear that this season will not be easy for the team, but the players will be able to achieve their goals.
Manchester United managed 3 points in each of the Epl rounds. The squad of Jose Mourinho managed to score a lot of goals. The most successful player of the Mourinho’s squad was Wayne Rooney. He managed to make the score 3:2 in the second round of Epl.
Rooney managed to show his best game in the matches against Arsenal and Chelsea. The Englishman managed to create several scoring chances in each game. Rooney managed to convert all of them.
Jose Mourinho’s players are in great shape.