Most beautiful dance in the history of World Cup

The World Cup has come to an end, and the list of the best football matches of the tournament is pretty impressive. It is impossible to choose only the best matches, but here is a list of all the most beautiful and memorable matches of this tournament.
The tournament started on June 11, 1990, and it has already passed the 100 matches. The list of matches of each round will be available on the website of sports statistics, where you can always find the latest information.

The most beautiful matches of football World Cup were:
1. 1990 World Cup Final. The match between Brazil and West Germany was held in Munich. The game ended in a 1-1 draw, with the score of 0:1. The final result was the victory of Brazil, which became the champion of the world.
2. 1990 European Championship. The tournament was held between the teams from the European countries. The winner of the European Championship was Spain, who became the first team to win the European Cup.
3. 1991 European Championship Final. This match was held with the teams of the UEFA, the European football federation. The score of the match was 1:1, with a goal scored by the German player, Franz Beckenbauer.
4. 1993 World Cup. The matches were held between teams from all over the world, and in the final match, the Netherlands beat the USA 1:0.
5. 1994 World Cup, 1996 European Championship, 2000 European Cup Final, 2002 World Cup Qualifiers.
6. 2002 World Football Cup. This tournament was won by Italy, which defeated Spain 1:3.
7. 2006 World Cup in Germany. The team of Germany won the tournament, defeating the Netherlands 2:1 in the semifinals.
8. 2010 World Cup final. The Netherlands beat Brazil 1:4.
9. 2014 World Cup qualifying. The Dutch team defeated the Netherlands 1:2.
10. 2018 World Cup match. The USA defeated Portugal 1:6.
11. 2019 World Cup matches.
12. 2020 World Cup qualification.
13. 2022 World Cup tournament. The winners of the competition will qualify for the World Cup for the first time in history.
14. 2024 World Cup will be held in Qatar.
15. 2026 World Cup is scheduled to be held.
16. 2030 World Cup to be played.
17. 2050 World Championship.
18. The list continues.
19. This list will be extended.
20. A new World Cup winner will be determined.
All the results of the matches are available on our website, where the information is updated in real time.
Main favorites of the World Championship
The main favorites of this World Championship were:

1) Germany. This team has won the gold medals in the World Football Championship three times. It won the title in the 1990, 1996 and 2002. The Germans have won the most World Cups in history, and they are the current champion.
In the 1990 World Football Tournament, the team of the Germans was led by the legendary Franz Beckmann. He won the Gold Medal in the tournament with the following players:
* Franz Beckner;
* Wolfgang Borch;


* ;
* *;
1st place.
This team has the strongest lineup in the world today.
Germany has the following main players:

* Jürgen Klopp;
* Jürg Schürrle;
; Jürden;
. *.
; *. *.
, *..

2) England. The country has won gold medals at the World Championships three times, and has won it in the most tournaments. The current champion is the team led by Gareth Southgate. The main favorites are:
• Liverpool;

* Manchester United;

• Chelsea;
.* Manchester City;
*. Tottenham Hotspur;
*, Manchester United.
These clubs have won gold in the Premier League, the Champions League, Europa League, and World Cup once.
Liverpool is the most successful team in the English Premier League. The following players have won it:
· Steven Gerrard;
* Daniel Sturridge;
· Sadio Mané;
Liverpool has won in the Champions league three times:
1. 2017;
2 2019;
3 2020.
Manchester United is the second most successful club in the EPL, with:
* Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
Steven Gerrard; . ,
, ;
; *; .; , *; *;.; * ,; * *;,;
Manchester City has won three titles in the Europa League:
* 2019; 2020; 2021.