Borussia Dortmund plus 1 (0.5) at 1.30

Borussia Dortmund plus 1 (0.5) at 1.30 pm CET

Borussias’s first victory in the Champions League since the start of the current season has already given the team a good chance to get into the elite group. The team has already managed to get out of the group stage of the Champions league for the first time in its history. This is an excellent result for the team, as it will be able to focus on the Europa League.
The team’stopper, however, is not satisfied with the result. He claims that the team has not yet reached the desired level. This can be seen in the fact that Borussia has not managed to score a goal in the first half of the match.
Bundesliga fixtures
The club has already won the German championship for the second time in a row. The club is now in the second half of its season, which means that the first matches of the new season are very important for the club. The fixtures for the Bundesliga are already available on the website of sports statistics.

The new season of the German football championship promises to be interesting, as the teams are still in the middle of the tournament. The first matches are very interesting, and the teams will try to get to the next stage.
In the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund is the main favorite. The players of the club have already won a number of trophies this season. The main goal of the team is to get a place in the elite division. This will allow the team to compete against the main favorites of the European championships.
It is worth noting that the club has a good opportunity to get there, as Dortmund has already played in the top division. The previous season, the team managed to qualify for the Champions’ League, but the club was unable to get far in the tournament and was kicked out of it.
However, the club is still a contender for getting into the Champions’ League. The coach of the Bumblebees, Niko Kovac, is a good coach and has managed to bring the team into the top-4.
Team’scores in the Bundesliga
The current season of German football is very interesting. The teams are in the midst of the championship, and it is their first matches that will determine the fate of the teams in the next season.
Among the main contenders for getting a place at the elite level are:
• Bayern;

Both Bayern and Bumblebee have a good chances of getting into this group, as they are the main competitors of Dortmund.
Bayern is a team that has already reached the Champions Cup. The current season is not the best for the players of Bayern, but they are still able to fight for the champion title. The squad of Niko Kranich is quite strong and has already scored a number goals.
Despite the fact, that Bayern is in the strongest division of German championship, the coach of Bayern is still trying to find the right way to play. The results of the matches are not always the best, but it is still possible to get the desired result.
Of course, the main goal for the coach is to win the champion’ title, but he also wants to win other trophies. This season, Bayern has already got a good result in the domestic arena. The German championship has already ended, and now it is time for the new campaign.
All Bundesliga fixtures
Bumblebee is a club that is trying to get in the European zone. The new season promises to bring a lot of interesting matches for the fans. The Bumblebeed is a strong team, which is able to compete with Bayern in the German league.
This season, Nik Kranic has managed not to lose points. The success of the coach can be noted in the number of victories. The number of draws is also quite high, which can be explained by the fact the team plays in a small number of matches.
Many people believe that Bayern will be the main contender for the title this season, and this is why the team of Nik Krantich is considered to be one of the main rivals of Dortmund in the current German championship.
At the moment, Bayern is the best team in Germany, and they are also the main competitor of BumbleBee in the championship. The game of the two teams is always interesting, because the teams have a lot in common.
You can always follow the results of Bundesliga fixtures on the sports statistics website. The information about the matches of Borussia and Bayern can be found on the site of sports professionals.
Main results of Bayern and Borussia matches
The season of Bundesliga has already come to its end, and many teams are trying to win a place into the European club zone.
One of the strongest teams is Bayern. The last season of Munich was quite successful, and Niko Krancic managed to win his second champion” title.
After the success of Munich, the Munich team is now considered to have a chance to win another champion“ title. However, the current team is not able to win gold medals.
There are many reasons for this. The most important ones are: the following:
1. Lack of motivation.