Should Bayern have signed Sanchez?

Bayern Munich have a long history of signing players from the world of the Spanish La Liga. In the summer of 2017, the club signed the Colombian Sanchez Córdoba. The player was a surprise choice for the club, as he was not a good fit for the style of the team.
In the season 2017/18, the team failed to qualify for the Champions League. However, the fans were not satisfied with this result, and many people even called for the dismissal of the head coach.

In order to improve the situation, the management decided to make a change. In summer 2018, the coach of the club was Guus Hiddink. This decision was not the best, because the player did not fit into the style that the team was trying to implement.
However, the situation has changed, and now the club has a new coach, too. The new coach of Bayern is Niko Kovac. He is a Czech player who has been working in Germany for several years.
The coach of Niko has a long experience in the German Bundesliga, and he has already managed to make the team a contender for the title. The main goal of the new coach is to win the German Cup.
Will the new Bayern coach be able to change the situation in the team?
The team has a good lineup, which allows it to play at a high level. However the problem is that the club is not very strong in the attack. This is the main reason why the club does not win many trophies.
At the moment, the main goal for the new head coach of Munich is to get into the Champions league. However this is not the only thing that he wants to achieve. He also wants to improve his coaching skills.
If the new Munich coach succeeds in this, then the club will have a chance to win many more trophies. The team has good potential, and the coach can make the club a contender not only for the German championship, but also for the cup competitions.
Where to find the latest news from the Bundesliga?
It is now much easier to follow the latest information from the German Championship. In this season, the Bundesliga has already become much more interesting. The teams have already managed a lot of interesting matches, and this has already caused a lot more excitement.
Now, it is much easier for fans to follow all the latest results from the championship. The Bundesliga is divided into several divisions, and fans can find the results of the matches in their favorite sections.
This season, Bayern Munich has a lot to prove. The club has not been in the Champions cup for long, so the fans have already lost patience with the team’s results. However Niko is a new head of the Munich team, and it is up to him to change its situation.
How the team will play in the future?
This summer, the Munich club has already signed a number of players, who will help the team in the long run. Among the new signings are:
* Lukas Pekermann;
* Niko Kranjc;
* Lukasz Piszczek.
All these players can help the club in the fight for the champion title. However it is still not known how the new players will fit into this team. However many people are already expecting that the Munich squad will be able not only to win trophies, but to do it in a very convincing way.
You can always follow the results from all the matches of the Bundesliga on the website of sports statistics. The site provides information from all over the world.
What are the chances of Bayern Munich to win gold medals?
In this season of the German football, the chances that Bayern Munich will win the champion’s cup are very high. The Munich team has already shown a lot this season.
Among the main problems of the squad is the lack of motivation. Many players have already left the club. The coach of this team is Nikos Galis, who has managed to get the team to the Champions Cup. However he has not managed to win any trophies. This fact is not surprising, as the team is not a very good one.
But Nikos has managed not only this. He has also managed to fix the problems of his players. This summer, he signed a lot new players, and they have already started to show their skills. The first matches of this season have already shown that the players of the Bayern Munich are ready to do their best.
It will be very interesting to watch the matches that the new squad of Nikos will play. The players of Bayern have a good potential and are ready for the fight.
Who will win gold cups in the new season?
Now the season 2018/19 has already started, and Bayern Munich have already won the champion’s cup. The fans have a lot expectations from the team, because it is the first time that the German team has won the cup.
Of course, the players have a great motivation, but this is also not the first cup that the Bayern team has had. The previous season, it was the team that won the German cup, but it lost the title to Borussia Dortmund.
Many people are also expecting a lot from the new team.