Is this the best offensive lineup for Dortmund vs Arsenal?

The new season of the Bundesliga is already in full swing. The first rounds have shown that the fight for the champion title is very intense. The teams are clearly divided into two groups. The main contenders for the title are:
• Dortmund;
•1. Bayern;
2. “Bayern’s” rivals.
The latter are: “Borussia” Dortmund; “Schalke”; ”Bayer”.
This season, the Bundesliga has become more interesting, because the teams are trying to become the best in the world. This is especially true for the German championship. Dortmund is the main contender for the championship. The team of Thomas Tuchel has been in the top 4 for a long time, and the fans are expecting a lot from it.
However, the team of Jurgen Klopp is also a contender for gold medals. The coach has repeatedly shown that he is able to find a solution to the problems of the team. The most important thing is to find the right lineup for each match.

The main advantage of the new season is the fact that the Bundesliga will be held in the winter. This will allow the teams to rest and train during the winter and then go to the championship in the summer.
It is especially important for the teams that are fighting for the gold medals, because they have to do their best in each match and not only in the first rounds.
Who will win the title?
The Bundesliga is the most important championship in Germany. It is a tournament that attracts the best clubs from all over the world, including England. This year, the teams have a lot of chances to win the championship, because there are several strong contenders for it. The following teams can be considered the main contenders:
1. “Dortmund”
2,3. ”Bayern Munich”,
4. „Schalekampf” and „Borussias” “.
“Dort” has a long unbeaten streak, which has already been mentioned above. The club has won the championship for the second time in a row. The last time was in the season 2013/14. The fans are hoping for a repeat this year.
3.“Bayers” is a team that is not so popular among the fans. However, it is the only team that has the chance to win gold medals this year, because it is not very strong.
In the Bundesliga, the clubs fight for gold. The best clubs have a long bench, so the fans can always count on the performance of their favorite players.
All Bundesliga results
The German championship is a real test for the clubs. The Bundesliga is a game that is played on a large field and at the same time is very interesting. The clubs have to show their maximum in each game.
Of course, the main goal of the clubs is to win their home tournament. However it is also important to win other tournaments. The German championship has become much more interesting this season, because many teams are fighting to become a champion.
There is a lot to look forward to in the new campaign, because a lot can change in the next few months.
Team news and Bundesliga results of the teams
The season of German championship started very quickly. It was clear that the teams were not able to show the maximum in the championship of the first round. However the teams managed to improve their results in the second part of the season.
Now, the fans have a much better picture of the situation in the Bundesliga. The top teams are in good shape, and it is now much easier to follow their results.
Fans can follow the Bundesliga results on the website of sports statistics. Here, the information is updated in real time. It allows the fans to keep abreast of the latest news.
Borrusia Dortmund is a strong team that can become a contender to win a place in the Champions League. The squad of Jürgen Klopp has a lot in common with the Dortmund “Kasinos” of the 90s.
They are able to play with the best teams of the world and are able not only to score goals, but also to create chances for their teammates.
Many fans are looking forward to the new Bundesliga season. The results of many teams will be known in a few months, and many teams can fight for a place at the Champions league.
Live football scores in a convenient format
The football season has come to its end, which means that it is time for the final matches of the championship and the Europa League. Now, it has become easier to find out the results of these competitions.
Thanks to the development of technology, it will be possible to follow the results in real-time. This has become possible thanks to the work of sports analysts.
You can find out live football scores on the sports statistics website. Here the information about the matches is updated live. This allows you to always keep abefore the latest information.
At the same website, you can find the results for the Bundesliga and other tournaments, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
Upcoming fixtures for the season
The upcoming season promises to be very interesting for fans.